What's New Wednesday (02/14/24)

What's New Wednesday (02/14/24)

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Here’s a recap of what happened this week. We’re excited to share with you the highlights and keep you in the loop with what’s been going on!

Featured Posts: Missed last week's Feature Friday or Munchie Monday? No worries, we've got you covered!

Feature Friday

Let’s learn about my friend Chase Campbell, owner of Campbellot Bakery. The bakery is based in central Ogden. Campbellot offers many varieties of bread. My personal favorite is the Challah buns! Those make the best egg sandwiches around. On our site you can find the sourdough loaves and the baguette.
A few things you should know about @campbellotbakery
They use local, organic, whole wheat grain that is hand milled on site.
They start all their sourdough in-house.
They even use local salt
They have a passion for tradition and it shows in the texture and artisan style.
Chase as an individual puts an incredible amount of time and attention to building local foods in Ogden. He has put his passion into being part of the solution in food systems.
Chase is a true example of grass-roots, tradition-honoring, dedication to his vision. Order local sourdough Today!

Munchie Monday:

Many people ask how I store my local eggs. The answer is not so straightforward. How you store your eggs will depend on how they have been handled. If the hens are in a muddy winter environment, you might need to wash the eggs to store. If you have an abundance of eggs and need them to last longer, that might determine how to handle and store your eggs.

Check out our entire article here!

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