Exciting Ways to Use Microgreens!

Exciting Ways to Use Microgreens!

For many people, using microgreens in their home meals is a new culinary adventure. Many people haven’t heard of microgreens before. We will get you caught up to speed and help you learn how to use these beautiful and nutritious produce items. This post will be centered on how to use them. If you don’t know a lot about them and would like to, feel free to explore our other posts on microgreens.

Many people have eaten microgreens without ever realizing they are eating these mighty little delights. They can be used like salad greens to create a flavor packed healthy meal. Microgreens can be used to create beautiful appetizers that will leave you feeling proud of your dietary genius. When you toss them on top of crackers with cheese or a sliced cucumber you have created an easy finger food that provides the body with far more than the eye can see.

Many sushi restaurants use microgreens in and on top of their rolls. These are perfect in rolls  because they have a lot of flavor and can accent the rolls without taking up too much space inside the roll. It allows a greater creativity for chefs to provide their customers with eye catching food full of nutrition and flavor.

Sushi with microgreens on top

Microgreens are used in pasta dishes as an added fresh factor. They are used for a flavor punch, as with sprinkling basil microgreens on pasta drizzled with garlic sauce. Microgreens add an easy power up on nutritional value while making your food aesthetically appetizing! 

Recipe ideas:

Salad Recipe easy

Microgreen Salad image

Cucumber Greek Yogurt Dip Microgreen AppetizerPicture of Cucumber and microgreen appetizer

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