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Argyle Acres

Pastured Chicken- Regeneratively Raised- By the LB

Pastured Chicken- Regeneratively Raised- By the LB

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Pastured Whole Chicken: weights vary 2-4.5lbs

Real meat, raised ethically, will bring ultimate culinary satisfaction to your plate. Argyle Acres is a small family homestead nestled in the beautiful Ogden Valley. Their pasture raised Cornish Cross’s are fed only certified organic, non-GMO, no corn, no soy feed in addition to the natural foraging they get on our pastures. Argyle Acres is true o their purpose and stays antibiotic free. These birds are frozen. When you recieve it, the bird will be in a box with insulated liner. Please store in fridge or freezer immediately. There is a 2 LBS minimum on these orders. The birds are whole, and the smallest bird we can offer is 2 LBS. 

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