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Urban Prairie Agriculture

Duck Eggs

Duck Eggs

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Our DUCK eggs come from a Uinta based homestead. The beyond free-roam environment, and good healthy eating of these ducks creates enormous, rich and creamy eggs around! The birds are fed a healthy amount of kitchen scraps and corn-free grains. 

Why is free-roam important?

These lovely laying ladies feast on native plants and bugs daily. That ability to roam and exercise as they collect snacks from the environment allows them to have strong healthy muscles, bones and great circulation. It also helps their skin and feathers to have healthy oils. They have several ponds to choose from for floating and snacking on aquatic life. This makes healthier birds who are more comfortable when laying. The birds are hormone free and antibiotic-free. They are also fed a mostly vegetarian diet. They do get supplements like mealworms in the winter and find their own bugs and worms in the summer.

How are duck eggs different?

They are larger and richer in flavor. Duck eggs have more protein, vitamin A, and antioxidants than chicken eggs.  They are loaded with other health benefits too, among being considered a complete food. 

The homesteader who raises these ducks puts so much careful love into her birds. She is careful to provide the best quality of life and standards of care for her birds. Enjoy a local, healthy option for duck eggs. 

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